Tuesday, May 17, 2011

happy birthday lil niblet!

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four years ago today life changed for me completely. at 11:59 am i went from this:
see that look on my face? i was already exhausted and i think i knew i had a long road ahead of me. lol

to this:

she is strong willed, free spirited, loving, sweet, innocent, caring, and forgiving all bundled up into her lil body. i can't imagine life without her even though she can make me go insane sometimes. lol. she is genuine and i love that about her. it's a little hard to believe she's 4 already. =( she's having her official party on sat but we still wanted to do something small for her today. we was supposed to go to the zoo but it poured down rain alllllll day. instead, we had cupcakes for breakfast and a movie day and we'll have pizza for dinner. happy birthday my sweet lil niblet!

i baked those cupcakes from scratch at 9:30 last night.. i totally made the icing and the lil repunzal flags too =) they were a big hit, but i'm sure her cake sat won't be as tasty! lol

this picture is so sweet. they were laughing about her previously licking her cupcake. i love how that photo packet says "special moments" since they are sharing one. lol. please ignore our paint stained table =)


  1. Awww happy birthday A!!


  2. Aw, what a sweet photo of mommy and baby, I hope she has a great birthday!


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