Saturday, May 7, 2011

bittersweet endings =(

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so. last night was bittersweet for me. it was the start of something new. and what is that you may ask? Man got his first haircut... =(
I cried like a baby, but I guess sometimes daddy's know best. I made sure to take a lot of pictures of him leading up to it so I could remember his sweet lil face with the head full of curls. Now he really does look like my "lil man" and it makes me a little sad. i'm sad to say there will be no more dread styles or boys styles for a long long time.



he keeps rubbin his head like what the heck happened?! but he seems okay so far. he brushed his hair this morning like his daddy showed him. it was a special and sweet bonding moment for them so i can't be too upset about it. a rebirth in appereance for my husband and for my son. mother's and daughters do big chops together all the time, so why not daddys and sons too? lol i have never seen him sit so still, EVER. i actually thought he'd be scared of the clippers but he wasn't. makes me feel just a tad better that it wasn't a traumatizing experience for him.


  1. What a cutie pie he is! Glad that the experience went well! Do you plan on growing his hair out again?

  2. Aww, but his hair was so cute! At least he seems happy though.

  3. Hi. i just saw these pics you posted on BBB. i had to see what this was all about :)
    when i first did my son's hair (the big chop) i was sad too :'( they grow up right before your eyes. he looks handsome either way. im glad you posted this, i love to see other boys on hair sites

  4. Aww hes so handsome! Gotta let daddy have some input tooo :) ESP when it comes to his little man :)

  5. thanks ladies! more than likely we'll grow his hair back out, he's so chill he really doesn't care one way or the other. when it grows out some we plan to give him a mohawk. my husband had his dreads for 4 years so it was a shock to me when he mentioned the cut. his sense of timing is impecible so when he gets an idea i usually know to go with it. his hair was beautiful but i know it'll grow back fast. i'm just having a hard time seeing him growing up and i think that's what makes me sad the most.

  6. Aw, he looks so cute with a nice fresh hair cut. I am sure the mohawk will be cute too, I can't wait to see the pics of that :)

  7. Hey Shay, I tried commenting from my iphone difficulties. Anyway how's Man doing with his big chop? I showed Daddy D the pictures, he has locs too, and for a minute he thought about doing a big chop together with our youngest K (K is currently sporting a too-many curl patterns afro and won't quite sit for decent twists/braids). Daddy D's had his locs for almost 8 years though, I'm not sure if he'll cut them.

    Those little boy big chops are hard on us mommies. He looks so handsome - both ways.

  8. he's doing pretty good. the other morning he did say "maaaa, where's my hair? i got daddys hair?" lol my husband has had dreads since probably 03 or 04 but cut them twice and regrew them. i really never thought he'd cut his either. he said there was nothing like the feeling he got giving his son his first haircut, they started this out together. i'm still trying to get used to Mans just because i think it makes him look so much older. but my husbands.. i'm diggin his, he looks sexier than ever. i thought i'd hate it since i LOVED his dreads, but i was wrong. =)

    as much as i miss his head full of curls, it's a lot easier to wash his hair and less time styling since i only have one kids hair to do! that's always a nice plus. last night i was doing A's hair and he sat down in my lap and said "Mans turn, do hair!" i had to remind him he didn't have hair anymore lol

  9. too cute! I remember when my son got his first haircut. He was soooo happy because he hated getting his hair "done" in cornrows, etc.

  10. Awww. Just came back to re-read this post. It's one of my faves.


  11. mine too =( we're letting his hair grow back out... but how bout he was getting a shape up last week and grabbed the clippers and cut off a bunch of it including half his eyebrow LOL


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