Tuesday, May 31, 2011

annoyed with blogger

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i'm really annoyed with blogger right now. =( there's a lot of you that i want to leave comments for but i can't, i haven't been able to for at least a week now. if you have to input that code to leave a comment it won't let me. i'll put in the code and it'll take me back to the blogger sign in page over and over and over again until i finally give up. this stinks!

ok.. rant over =)

protective challenge update

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back with another update for the protective challenge. her braids are still holding up great. i split the majority of them yesterday so now she has between 190-200 braids total. whew, that was a lot of work! lol don't have too much time to do a real post today, so on to the photos!

Friday, May 27, 2011

dark girls: preview

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spread the word ladies. watch this. it's very eye opening and so very sad. =( lets teach our kids not to treat other people this way and to never feel this way about themselves!

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

protective challenge update

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hi yall! it's been officially a week since A has had her mini braids in. they all aren't so many, i've noticed that a few are a lot bigger, but that's probably because we were watching beverly hills chihuahua and i was distracted. lol. her braids are holding up nice. she has a little bit of fuzz but she's been running over the house all week with blankets on her head saying she was a ghost. =) other than that, it's all good. her head hasn't been itching but i've been washing her scalp with a washcloth instead of wetting her braids up. i rub grapeseed oil on her braids daily and pay special attention to her ends since she had her trim. this month we are trying to retain that length back that i cut off. it's been REALLY hot here this week. this morning at 10 it was already like 80 out! since it's supposed to be hot next week to i'll probably bun her hair for the week, but i dunno yet. we are both loving them. but we've gotten some annoying comments since she's had them. 3 times in one day we were asked was it her real hair because there's no way a kid that young could have that much hair. O_o are you serious people? i'm just going to take it as a compliment and ride with it!

and just because, here's a shot of them being nice to each other... which is VERY rare lol

very annoying that it keeps flipping pictures! GRR

Thursday, May 19, 2011


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everyday i sign into blogger i notice i have more and more followers. it seems i grabbed a lot more when i did the willow smith hairstyle! i'm getting pretty excited knowing you all took the time to follow my blog. so.. with that said, i think a giveaway is in our future! i don't know what yet and i don't know when but i know its coming! i may wait until i have a certain number of followers. any of you have any ideas? let me know and we'll see what we can do!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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hello readers! stoppin in to let you know that Curly Hair Is Beautiful is doing a giveaway so you guys might want to stop on by! her blog is pretty awesome even if she will be pictureless for a while! go visit her here: http://curlyhairisbeautiful.blogspot.com/2011/05/giveaway.html#comment-form

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

happy birthday lil niblet!

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four years ago today life changed for me completely. at 11:59 am i went from this:
see that look on my face? i was already exhausted and i think i knew i had a long road ahead of me. lol

to this:

she is strong willed, free spirited, loving, sweet, innocent, caring, and forgiving all bundled up into her lil body. i can't imagine life without her even though she can make me go insane sometimes. lol. she is genuine and i love that about her. it's a little hard to believe she's 4 already. =( she's having her official party on sat but we still wanted to do something small for her today. we was supposed to go to the zoo but it poured down rain alllllll day. instead, we had cupcakes for breakfast and a movie day and we'll have pizza for dinner. happy birthday my sweet lil niblet!

i baked those cupcakes from scratch at 9:30 last night.. i totally made the icing and the lil repunzal flags too =) they were a big hit, but i'm sure her cake sat won't be as tasty! lol

this picture is so sweet. they were laughing about her previously licking her cupcake. i love how that photo packet says "special moments" since they are sharing one. lol. please ignore our paint stained table =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

protective style and bad ends

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ok, so i'm sure you all have seen the buzz going on about the tangle teezer and fairy knots? if you haven't.. go look it up and beware! how could i not have noticed what was happening to the ends of her hair?! ahh! they looked TERRIBLE. when her hair is wet you couldn't tell at all. today i decided to really look at them and wow, little knots were everywhere. i've noticed that when i fix her hair, it seems to get more tangles at the end and they just feel rough. i trimmed off maybe a little more than an inch and now her ends look MUCH better. but anywho. BBB is doing a protective style challenge and i figured this would be the perfect time to do such a challenge since she just got her trim. i did box braids but i did them much smaller than i ever have before. my fingers were dying but i managed to get them done in 4 hours. i also entered a lil contest to do a replica of a celebrity kids hairstyle. i picked willow smith =) A thought this was the best, she kept saying "my heart is super happy in my hair" lol.

her ends looked so fried, it made me sad to see that i hadn't been paying attention to her ends

and last but not least, our willow smith style =)

not nearly as big as willows heart but i was working with A's real hair and was definately not going to add any hair just to make it that big.

and p.s.
A turns 4 tomorrow guys!

Friday, May 13, 2011

totally not hair related.. but still pretty cool =)

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when i first started reading blogs, one of the first ones i found was little bit funky . her lil kiddos are so cute and her crafts are awesome. right now she's featuring a sweet lil giveaway. check her out, she's awesome. the giveaway is being held here

Thursday, May 12, 2011

simple to simple

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booo, i'm so behind on my hairstyling! i just haven't felt up to it. i guess i'm still in shock from the 2 big chops. lol i really can't remember when i did the first style on her. it lasted 3 days i think. she got jelly in her hair so i washed it with the braids still in the night before last. it was close to bedtime so i needed something quick and easy. i unbraided each braid as i went and used those sections to make my new braids. it took me 30 minutes and that was with us watching tv. i like it because she can wear it in a bun or a regular pony tail. this morning i added a flower clip to her bun. super cute! sorry in advance for the super blurry and bad photos, its been raining/cloudy on and off now for a few days.

new style =)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

bittersweet endings =(

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so. last night was bittersweet for me. it was the start of something new. and what is that you may ask? Man got his first haircut... =(
I cried like a baby, but I guess sometimes daddy's know best. I made sure to take a lot of pictures of him leading up to it so I could remember his sweet lil face with the head full of curls. Now he really does look like my "lil man" and it makes me a little sad. i'm sad to say there will be no more dread styles or boys styles for a long long time.



he keeps rubbin his head like what the heck happened?! but he seems okay so far. he brushed his hair this morning like his daddy showed him. it was a special and sweet bonding moment for them so i can't be too upset about it. a rebirth in appereance for my husband and for my son. mother's and daughters do big chops together all the time, so why not daddys and sons too? lol i have never seen him sit so still, EVER. i actually thought he'd be scared of the clippers but he wasn't. makes me feel just a tad better that it wasn't a traumatizing experience for him.

the twist

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i finally took the beads out of As hair 2 days ago. her rope twist looked fine but i decided to go ahead and wash her hair before we left out of the house yesterday. the before was pretty cute. i made sure to get a before and after that way you can really see the shrinkage and what her carseat does to her hair. luckily, even though it looks bad, the detangling wasn't that bad!

and the after.. and be sure to check out that nice artwork done on the wall by my sweet lil man =)

see how fat and juicy they got and that rat nest at the back?

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