Saturday, April 2, 2011

update on the mini twist

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i figured i'd do a post on a few styles she's had since i put her mini twist in. i'm a little sad to see how much fuzz she has. even with me trying to protect her hair she still finds a way to scrub it everywhere. lol. -sigh- maybe one day =) she's had them in for 8 days. considering how active she is, they still look pretty good.

this is the first style i did. it's kind of like that bow lady gaga had. i wanted to add a cute bow but i couldn't find any in our hair box. it's really a mess.. i REALLY need to organize it soon! it's kind of hard to tell that it's a bow with the twist. i'll probably do it again when i take the twist out and see how i like it then. either way, it kept her hair out of her face.

the next style is just some basic french braid pigtails. i was able to capture some fuzz in these pictures. i'm glad i ended up doing this style because right after i finished we had to make an impromptu trip to the er for lil miss. booooooo to 4 hours wasted there!

and this is the 3rd style. pigtails with curly twist. i LOVE this one. it came out great. she's still rocking her hospital bracelet, naturally, because it IS of course a princess bracelet. lol


  1. Very cute!! Aww hope everythings alright with her.

  2. I love the bow-made-out-of-twists look! Super cute. I'll have to try that the next time we do mini-twists or micro braids.

    And I must confess that I'm glad I'm not the only hairstyling mommy being forced to watch Barbie: A Fairy Secret! ;) I've seen that movie at least ten times, and the plot still makes absolutely no sense to me. Oh, least it occupies my daughter; that's what counts!

  3. thanks!

    my mom actually surprised her with the fairy secret barbie.. just as annoying as the movie because her wings keep falling off. lol. i'm getting her a couple of new movies to put in hair time rotation so hopefully she will stop picking all the barbie movies.


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