Thursday, April 28, 2011

rip *edited*

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so. i did Man's hair today. but no photos. i'm too embarrassed to share. the back looks good, just some simple box braids. but boy.. his cornrows are jacked up. lol. i guess it's not completely my fault. i was just starting to cornrow the top of his head and BAM my blood sugar dropped really low and my head start hurting pretty bad. duh, the smart thing would have been to stop and get something to eat but i decided to tough it out since he was sitting there so patiently. that rarely happens with him. so now i'm sad to say his braids suffered. rip you terrible looking braids. i will not miss you. =)
i'll prolly take the top half out and either rebraid or do box braids all over. right now i'm in recovery mode and can't think straight.


ok. i'm finally feeling better so i decided i'd show you guys the mess i created. it's not THAT bad but it's definately not something i'm proud of. these photos aren't that great either, he insisted on looking out the window the whole time since a man was trimming the bushes. i figured you win some and you loose some and sometimes we have hair fails. well my friends, this is a hair fail! lol

why did i even watermark these? i'm pretty sure no one would want to steal these. hahahhaha


  1. oh no! I hope you feel better

  2. thank you, it took a good 2 hours for me to feel ok again.

  3. Awww, both of the little ones hair looks super cute!


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