Monday, April 18, 2011

the lil dude

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i am so not creative when it comes to naming my post. boo.. anywho. i took mans braids out 2 days ago. he wore a braid out for a day and then i washed his hair and detangled it. i SHOULD have done some loose braids in his hair but i just left it alone. i finally braided him up this morning. he fell asleep and his lil head kept bobbin around. lol. i'll end up redoing those center braids because they look funky in the back since i couldn't really reach it when he fell asleep.

braid out with his lil deigo undies <3

yes, those are 2 big beautiful knots in 2 different places. i am proud to say there was no hair loss from those. it took me a while, but i managed to get them out with no tears! woot go me!

sorry for the sideways pictures.. i really don't know why they keep turning?


  1. He's so cute! Love the braids!

  2. What a cute little boy and I really like the way you add braids into other braids!

  3. Aww he is tooooo cute with the pacifier in his mouth! Im glad you managed to take those knots out without breakage or pain! Don't you just hate knots?! anywho, I just love the braid out, good job!

  4. Cute braids! And we have the same little Diego undies over here, too! =)

  5. Found you via diaperswappers <3 Beautiful little one!


  6. @ kandy, we regularly have knots like that in his hair. it seems like as soon as i detangle it it's full of knots in like 5 minutes!


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