Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the lil dude =)

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i'm just going to be honest.. i've been putting man's hair off for about a week now.
i knew i needed to do it but i really didn't want to bother. lol i figured today was a good day to just get it out the way. we turned on some bubble guppies, let A play a computer game and we were off! it took about 45 minutes for this style. it could have taken a lot less time except he had to go potty 2 times and i was attempting to part his hair with a comb he decided to chew up! it makes me sad when i look at his squishy lil cheeks because i can see him growing up so fast! i can't believe he will be 2 at the end of july. anywho.. on to the style!

excuse his messy shirt and blankie.. i had to bribe feed him with a sucker and then a pb & j sandwich =) his parts aren't the best and some parts of the braids look a lil funky.. but i can't really help that because he moves A LOT. hope you guys enjoy!


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