Saturday, April 2, 2011

hair: from then til now

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here lately i've been getting a lot of comments on how long A's hair is. her hair hasn't always been really long but she has always had a lot of it. when she was born she had a lot of hair. people kept telling me she'd loose it but she didn't! i decided i'd show a lil timeline of how her hair has changed over the years. i have A LOT of pictures (four 8g thumbdrives worth!) so i wasn't able to really capture her growths that well. i did as good as i could with so many pictures to give you guys a general idea. you'll see between 2 and 3 her hair grew probably the most. you can also see the change in her hair texture too.

2 days old. that glow is a billi blanket because she had jaundice

about a month old. couldn't resist the lil bows
my faaaattt baby at 7 months. her hair was really getting thick

1 year. lil puffs

almost 2

i *think* these were the first cornrows i did.

a little over 2. i LOVED her hair out
after a day of rolling on the carpet with her buzz lightyear undies lol


getting close to 3


a little over 3 here and i have no idea why this picture is turned sideways.. sorry!

and there is her hair! i have ALWAYS tried to take really good care of her hair. we've never experienced any hair loss.. except the time a piece of her hair was stuck in a shopping cart and i didn't know it and it pulled out when i got her out.. *bad mommy of the year award insert* luckily it grew back pretty quickly and it was easy to cover. it was only a small patch.


  1. Cute, I need a pair of those boots!!!! She did have lots of hair as a baby aww how cute!! My oldest daughters hair is kind of stuck at the length she has now for about a year now... My mom said my hair didn't grow when I was young either until I was around 6 or 7. So I am hoping her hair will grow around that age. You're doing a great job!!

  2. Wow, just came over from BBB. Her hair is so long in the picture in the water.

  3. the baby pics :) she is adorable


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