Friday, April 29, 2011

cute stuff =)

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very cute stuff and an awesome giveaway. go check her out!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

rip *edited*

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so. i did Man's hair today. but no photos. i'm too embarrassed to share. the back looks good, just some simple box braids. but boy.. his cornrows are jacked up. lol. i guess it's not completely my fault. i was just starting to cornrow the top of his head and BAM my blood sugar dropped really low and my head start hurting pretty bad. duh, the smart thing would have been to stop and get something to eat but i decided to tough it out since he was sitting there so patiently. that rarely happens with him. so now i'm sad to say his braids suffered. rip you terrible looking braids. i will not miss you. =)
i'll prolly take the top half out and either rebraid or do box braids all over. right now i'm in recovery mode and can't think straight.


ok. i'm finally feeling better so i decided i'd show you guys the mess i created. it's not THAT bad but it's definately not something i'm proud of. these photos aren't that great either, he insisted on looking out the window the whole time since a man was trimming the bushes. i figured you win some and you loose some and sometimes we have hair fails. well my friends, this is a hair fail! lol

why did i even watermark these? i'm pretty sure no one would want to steal these. hahahhaha

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i did it!

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just the other day Beads Braids & Beyond asked about colored beads. for some reason i just can't bring myself to do it. but... i finally broke the mold and i did it! they look really great. and you know what the fun thing is? they glow in the dark =) the first part is cornrowed and the back is in rope twist with beads on the ends. i tried a new product this time and i'm loving it. her hair smells sooooo good and it's not just the flash making her hair look so silky, it really looks like that. even this morning after she slept on it. i also did another thing different this time. i used to always braid her hair when it was dry and detangled. i've noticed the last couple times i braided her hair that it was getting tangled way to easily. maybe because of how long it is now? who knows. i sprayed each section of hair as i was working with it so it was damp and it worked like a charm. there were less flyaways and no tangles at the ends. i think from now on that's what i'll do.

as you can see, she had a bead on the bottom braid on each side. i had intended to put beads on each braid like that but i had to test it out first. she bangs her head to help her go to sleep and i figured it wouldn't work out. a few minutes after she went to bed she called me in her room to tell me her hair was hurting. oh well, you win some you loose some!

this is totally unrelated but i had to share because we are excited. A wrote her first A! she's not very cooperative when it comes to writing or counting or anything when i try to show her. she took a break from getting her hair done and went over to the easel and wrote an uppercase letter. she's a really smart girl, she just doesn't like to show me lol. the pic is so blurry because i was so excited. you can tell by her mouth that she's saying "A!!!!"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter hair and a few pics

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I left the kids hair as is today. A was going to wear her hair down but it was soooooooooooooooo hot outside. As you can see, she's still got those purple flowers in her hair even though it was only supposed to be the yellow one.

 once again, I have no idea why the photo keeps flippin like that

takin a time out of the sun with his lil ashy knees <3 lol

ummm diva? yes, i think so lol

they were digging through the eggs trying to bust out the candy

grrr. this picture flipped too. this is one of my fav photos. i love love love his curls. even if you can see some fuzz and some sticky candy residue.

you can really see her hair texture in this picture, the sheen of her hair can look dry sometimes even when it's not

I hope you guys had a happy Easter and got lots of goodies! =)

A gets a braid out!

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I took A's braids out saturday morning since Easter was coming. We don't really celebrate Easter, but the kids were going to my parents house to hunt eggs so I knew it'd be the perfect photo op. Anywho. I used a new conditioner on her hair. I got it at sallys. I think it might be their brand, but it has argon oil in it. MAN! i LOVE this stuff so far. I used it in hers, mine and Man's hair and have seen goodness so far. Her hair looked really great. Her braid out wasn't that great but I did wash her hair right before taking the braids out. Still turned out pretty cute. Also... just want to add, see those purple flowers? Those are her first ever flower clippy things. She picked them out herself.


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A wore these braids for a total of 12 days. For the first half, she wore them as I originally done them. But they were starting to frizz up pretty badly so I did a lil remix of them just to let them last for a little bit longer. I mean.. it wasn't really that creative, I just pulled the back into a ponytail... but still! lol

Man had to get shots shortly after this pic was taken. After we got taken back all the nurses kept touching their hair.. which was a little annoying for me and very annoying for the kids. They kept telling me "oh you sure do have a lot of hair to do!". In the back of my head I was thinking they were only making it worse by constantly touching it. It's all good though, I'm flattered that they like their hair so much.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the lil dude

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i am so not creative when it comes to naming my post. boo.. anywho. i took mans braids out 2 days ago. he wore a braid out for a day and then i washed his hair and detangled it. i SHOULD have done some loose braids in his hair but i just left it alone. i finally braided him up this morning. he fell asleep and his lil head kept bobbin around. lol. i'll end up redoing those center braids because they look funky in the back since i couldn't really reach it when he fell asleep.

braid out with his lil deigo undies <3

yes, those are 2 big beautiful knots in 2 different places. i am proud to say there was no hair loss from those. it took me a while, but i managed to get them out with no tears! woot go me!

sorry for the sideways pictures.. i really don't know why they keep turning?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

pigtails on a zig zag

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wooo, i've done a lot of post today! i had some catching up to do. i started the back of her braids last night before dinner and saved the rest for this morning. i kept going back and forth if i wanted to fool around with the zig zag parts on top. let me just say, i can't part worth a flip on an active 3 1/2 year old. she moves CONSTANTLY. but this time, i was determinded. i may or may not have bribed her with a popsicle and dora the explorer to get it finished =)

prep work

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i took A's twist out over the weekend and she wore a twist out until yesterday. i washed her hair and did a deep condition with coconut milk. surprisingly her hair wasn't that hard to detangle which was awesome for me. she thought it was pretty funny that we put milk in her hair. she kept asking could she lick it because she smelt tasty. lol

i parted her hair in 4 rough sections and braided them so her hair could dry and stretch a little bit. i ended up then braiding all those pieces together and banded at the end. the ending result was pretty cute. the pictures are not that great because she kept wanting to roll around. and yes, she does indeed have on a bikini in the house =)

a visit and new things

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last weekend my sister came to stay with us for a few days. i figured since she has straight hair it'd be a lot easier to do a fishtail braid on her. i've been practicing on A's dolls, but doll hair sucks and sheds EVERYWHERE. so yea.. here it is, my first fishtail braid on real hair =)

tangled inspired

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there was a contest over here that got us inspired. i did 2 different styles for lil miss while she still had her mini twist in. as you can see, she also has on her princess clothes. =)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

woot woot! =)

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just wanted to let you guys know we are on Beads Braids & Beyond today on Littlemans Lounge. woot woot! now.. run, go, click away and see my lil ladies man ;)
and if you haven't checked out her blog *you live under a rock =)* check it out, it's really awesome!

also, an update. i took out A's twist yesterday. i was getting bored with them and a few were starting to look bad and i didn't feel like redoing those. she could have made it longer because they weren't that bad. BUT, she made it to 2 weeks which was my goal! yay! will be back soon with a new style for lil miss sassy pants.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the lil dude =)

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i'm just going to be honest.. i've been putting man's hair off for about a week now.
i knew i needed to do it but i really didn't want to bother. lol i figured today was a good day to just get it out the way. we turned on some bubble guppies, let A play a computer game and we were off! it took about 45 minutes for this style. it could have taken a lot less time except he had to go potty 2 times and i was attempting to part his hair with a comb he decided to chew up! it makes me sad when i look at his squishy lil cheeks because i can see him growing up so fast! i can't believe he will be 2 at the end of july. anywho.. on to the style!

excuse his messy shirt and blankie.. i had to bribe feed him with a sucker and then a pb & j sandwich =) his parts aren't the best and some parts of the braids look a lil funky.. but i can't really help that because he moves A LOT. hope you guys enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

daddy style

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let me just start out by saying braiding dreads is much much harder for me than braiding regular hair. it takes me longer to think of a style for some reason. but anyways, i figured i'd post another daddy style. sorry for the craptastic photos, the lighting was terrible. he doesn't have shiney hair so it's a lil bit harder to see.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

hair: from then til now

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here lately i've been getting a lot of comments on how long A's hair is. her hair hasn't always been really long but she has always had a lot of it. when she was born she had a lot of hair. people kept telling me she'd loose it but she didn't! i decided i'd show a lil timeline of how her hair has changed over the years. i have A LOT of pictures (four 8g thumbdrives worth!) so i wasn't able to really capture her growths that well. i did as good as i could with so many pictures to give you guys a general idea. you'll see between 2 and 3 her hair grew probably the most. you can also see the change in her hair texture too.

2 days old. that glow is a billi blanket because she had jaundice

about a month old. couldn't resist the lil bows
my faaaattt baby at 7 months. her hair was really getting thick

1 year. lil puffs

almost 2

i *think* these were the first cornrows i did.

a little over 2. i LOVED her hair out
after a day of rolling on the carpet with her buzz lightyear undies lol


getting close to 3


a little over 3 here and i have no idea why this picture is turned sideways.. sorry!

and there is her hair! i have ALWAYS tried to take really good care of her hair. we've never experienced any hair loss.. except the time a piece of her hair was stuck in a shopping cart and i didn't know it and it pulled out when i got her out.. *bad mommy of the year award insert* luckily it grew back pretty quickly and it was easy to cover. it was only a small patch.

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