Saturday, March 26, 2011

to twist or not to twist?

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ok.. so ever since i saw these beautiful twist i wanted to do them. but i was torn. i really didn't want to spend that much time on a style i didn't know would work for A's hair. It took me a whole solid month before i decided if i'd do it or not. so today, on MY birthday *woot woot* i decided to do the mini twist! i'm glad i did because they look AWESOME. so now.. onto pictures.

i washed her hair with this
grabbed my tools

 turned on nanny mcphee *because yes i copied nikki at bbb =)*
ignore the yucky fireplace

and then i got to work! it took me 2 movies and about 20 minutes extra to do her whole head. we took 4 potty breaks. she did really really great. we watched nanny mcphee and barbie a fairy secret and she didn't complain at all. i sprayed her ends with a water conditioner mix so they'd curl up. i don't know if hers will last a month like the link i posted up top but i hope we get at least 2 weeks out of these.

here's using the gel on a wet one and gel on a dry one. the wet one is obviously very shrunken
this is when i stretched them out

the twist looked a lot better when i did them on her dry hair with NO gel. she had plenty of conditioner in her hair so i really had no need for the gel at all. i did about 5 or so with the gel and quickly nixed that idea!

as you can see, she's very happy with them. that bow in her hair is her "special" as she calls it. it's actually not a bow meant for hair, it's a bowtie i made for her daddy. lol. she wanted to wear it so i wasn't trying to argue with her. if you have any questions let me know! i HIGHLY recommend you check out beads braids and beyond to see how she took them out and the different styles if you're thinking about doing them!


  1. They look really really good!! The bow tie looks really cute as a "special"!!!.

  2. So you recommend doing them dry with no extra product? Or atleast that worked best for you?

  3. i def recommend doing them dry with no extra product. the ones that i added the gel to don't look as good. i didn't think the twist would stay, that's why i was going to use the gel. so far she's been scrubbing her head everywhere and they're still twisted to the ends. the wetter the hair the more shrinkage and i didn't want her twist all the way up to her ears lol

  4. LOL @ up to her ears!!! I really want to do two strand twists and box braids on my daughters and even though I see posts about them in blogs and whatnot they are still a mystery to me!!

  5. my biggest piece of advice would be to just do it! it can seem a lil scary at first if you have a lot of hair to work with but it's worth it in the end!

  6. I need to just jump in and do it!!!

  7. I know you decided not to use it on this style, but what kind of gel do you use?

  8. the one in the picture, just the regular eco styler. it works good for us because it doesn't turn white and flakey. they also have it with olive oil and i think argon oil but i haven't tried those yet. it's cheap too, which is a plus in my book!

  9. How much would you charge to come do D's hair like this?

  10. Your daughter and I have a similar hair texture and I've struggled FOREVER with getting twists to last for 3 days. I know you mentioned rope twists in one of your posts. do you have a tutorial for them? I'd really like to try them on my hair....although it will take me about 4 days to do them since I'll just build on them. No Nanny McPhee movies here!

    1. yes mam i do! rope twist last soooooo much longer in her hair than regular twist do, but the size is everything in either option. the smaller they are the better they last for us. here is the link to the post of the mini twist:

      and the video is here:

      hope to help!


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