Monday, March 21, 2011

he said what?!?!

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I took the kids to a new pediatrician today for their shots and checkups. He's a pretty great doctor except he said......

"his hair is an issue, boys with this style of hair loose a lot and they can get ringworms and it's hard to see. you should get him a michael jordan, barack obama haircut"

umm.. no thank you. not that there's a problem with either of those men and their hair.. it's not for my son.

my son has never lost hair due to his braids. you think you'd be able to still tell if he had a ring worm because his hair is in parts. and ANOTHER thing... why in the heck would my son be getting ringworm of the scalp?!?!?! i really didn't know that was common at all.

but anywho.. that is all. hopefully i'll have some new styles to post soon!


  1. lol, i know right! he kind of had a smile on his face so maybe he was just joking around?

    he is foreign so i'm sure that has something to do with it since i've seen ringworm of the scalp being common in other countries.. but man was that weird. i kind of just smiled like ohh okay, thanks for the information.


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