Wednesday, March 23, 2011

daddy hair

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Because this blog is for inspiration, I thought I'd focus on some daddy hair today. Dreads. Dreads are oh so beauitful. Dreads can be worn on any type of hair.
There are a lot of stupid stereotypes out there when it comes to those beautiful locs but I'm here to show you the beauty of them!

I've been doing my husbands dreads since he's had them and I must admit, I think they look beautiful! So beautiful in fact that I started them up on my own head. Unfortunately I had to cut them due to an itchy scalp and hair loss issues, but that had nothing to do with the dreads themself, it had to do with some health issues that I was having.

A lot of people think dreads stink. They don't, unless of course you never wash them. But that's any hair! My husband washes his hair normally once a week, sometimes more if he's gotten extra sweaty at the gym.

The only way you can get dreads is by not washing/combing and using wax/gel/toothpaste/etc. FALSE, FALSE, FALSE!!!
Dreads form better in clean hair. Each time I have ever started dreads, I've started on clean hair. The first set of dreads my husband had, we used wax. Wax builds up overtime and get stuck inside the dreads. You can't see it but it can make lint stick to the hair. Gel almost always caused flakes, no matter what kind of gel, it sucked. Toothpaste and any other sticky things is just gross in my opinion. As of now, we do the "latch hook" method on my husbands dreads. It's not messy and easier to me. He typically goes 3 to 4 months without getting them tightened and they still look great.

So.. now.. some pictures of the beautiful dreads! (if you can't tell, i'm proud of these babies.. i guard them as if they're my own lol)

I figured I'd show you guys some photos of when I had started mine. I used a homemade "butter" to do mine. If I ever do them again I'll probably use the same method as I do on my husbands. They looked good but I didn't like that greasey feeling on my neck.

If anybody has any questions or anything, leave me a comment!


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