Wednesday, February 9, 2011

random style

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so, i've had plenty of styles since i last posted, but the computer was down. =(
but i'm back with more styles now!
please excuse the small poor quality of the pics on this style, i used my phone to take them.

**edited to add better photos**


i loved this style on her. it was my first time doing a braid in the front like that. it's also my last time. =) lol


  1. I really like the braided front! I'm sure it's labor-intensive, but at least it pays off in cuteness! =)

  2. the labor isn't bad at all because it's my passion. =) that braided front was a pain only because she kept trying to bite it and it kept falling in her cereal. lol

  3. I love the combo of the rows and box braids!! Hhhhhh. blasted cornrows. I shall conquer one day, ONE FINE DAY!

  4. you'll get it, just keep trying!


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