Sunday, February 27, 2011

cornrows with 2 strand rope twist

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this is the latest style. it turned out super cute. her twist are holding up nicely but the cornrows are starting to fuzz up. that's pretty much expected with her since she scrubs her hair on the carpet 90% of the time. (grrrr)

on a side note.. these are not my braids, but her mom does a really great job. i find a lot of inspiration when i see the different styles she does on my niece.


  1. I love it! and your not alone my daughter loves to scrub her hair all over the floor too. I thought she would out grow it by now.... but nope...

  2. luckily she will be starting preschool in the fall so i hope that means less time to scrub her hair on the carpet. lol. i should take a pic to show the damage.


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