Sunday, February 27, 2011

cornrows with 2 strand rope twist

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this is the latest style. it turned out super cute. her twist are holding up nicely but the cornrows are starting to fuzz up. that's pretty much expected with her since she scrubs her hair on the carpet 90% of the time. (grrrr)

on a side note.. these are not my braids, but her mom does a really great job. i find a lot of inspiration when i see the different styles she does on my niece.

2 strand rope twist

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i really like the look of rope twist but typically don't have the patience to do them.
i figured it'd be a good protective style and because of the parts it'd be easier to moisturize her hair and scalp. they lasted for about a weekish, maybe longer. i can't really remember since i did this style months ago. when i took them out it looked like she had curly dreads. it was super cute!

haha.. look at that cute lil baby booty down there. =)

christmas hair

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ok, ok, i know this is old, but a cute style is a cute style.. right?!
her pony tails were a little rough but she had slept on them and this was first thing that morning.

these aren't the best pics of dudes braids. he doesn't sit still long enough to snap a good one.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

random style

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so, i've had plenty of styles since i last posted, but the computer was down. =(
but i'm back with more styles now!
please excuse the small poor quality of the pics on this style, i used my phone to take them.

**edited to add better photos**


i loved this style on her. it was my first time doing a braid in the front like that. it's also my last time. =) lol
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