Monday, March 11, 2013

10.5 inches

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Hey y'all! Long time no post right? Sorry to neglect the poor lil blog but hopefully soon I'll be back in action full time again.
If you're friends with us on facebook you've already seen this but I wanted to pop in and share here as well. I'd been noticing that A was due for a trim. I mentioned the idea to her but she shot me down and said "no, mom, not just a little, cut a lot". Well..... ummmm..... okkaaayyy. So I put it off, for at least 2 weeks until I felt comfortable enough with it to just go for it. A is a pretty compasionate kid. She'd give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. When she found out that she could give her hair to someone else who doesn't have hair she jumped at the idea.

On Friday, March 8th I washed her long hair for the last time, detangled and placed it 2 low pigtails. I think I asked her about 40 times if she were ready. With 1 great big deep breath I grabbed my shears and cut off the first pigtail. She was grinning from ear to ear and her excitement was amazing to see. I cut off the last pig tail and she was practically jumping out of her seat to see. I asked her if she were okay, probably because I wanted to cry myself, and she gave me the biggest smile ever and said she was fabulous. =)
I'm so proud of my girl. She's 5 years old and knows that her long hair isn't what makes her awesome. Sometimes doing something different than what we know is scary but if you take the plunge it's so worth it.
When I stretched her braids they measure in at a little over 10.5 inches long. We decided to donate to her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. Although it was just a simple hair cut, she inspired me a great deal. I hope we were able to bring you some inspiration today as well.
At the end of the day sometimes we just have to let go to feel brand new and refreshed.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY chore chart

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I think it's important to teach our children cleanliness and the value of a dollar. Although I'm a stay at home mom I think there's no reason I should pick up my son's toy trucks 80 times a day when he's perfectly capable of doing that himself. I'm a firm believer that a clean home is a happy home.. or at least in the case of my family anyway. My kids are 3 and 5 and I decided it was time for a chore chart that they could easily see and use by themselves.

I searched on Google and Pinterest (follow us!) looking for some cool chore chart ideas. I found a lot of them but I didn't want to make anything too difficult, expensive and time consuming. I combined a lot of ideas and came up with one simple, cheap, and effective chore chart!

The items you will need are:
1 1/2 inch disc circles
magnetic tape
card stock or paper
mod podge (bought or homemade)
paint brush

Decide the chores you'd like for your kids and assign prices/prizes for each chore completed. I decided to add in things that my kids need to work on like reading, writing, and team work.

You may use mine if you'd like, just print out and cut within the inside of the circle and it'll be a perfect fit to your disc circles. If you don't want those chores or prices you could easily white it out in paint or and fill in your own. I used font Quicksand on picmonkey if interested on keeping the same font.

From here it's pretty easy work. Print, cut out and mod podge to the circles. Once they are dry do a top coat of mod podge and stick some magnetic tape on the back and voila! *To make homemade "mod podge" mix equal parts glue and water. I've used it to make our photo canvas pictures with no issues. I also used it to attach the mod podge label to that jar over a year and a half ago and it's still holding strong!*

To keep things easy my kids are allowed to pick no more than 2 jobs a day. It keeps them from getting overwhelmed and insures that they do their job accurately and not in a hurry just to earn extra money. 

This project costed me a whole $2.97 before I used my coupon. The disc are $1.97 at my Michael's and the magnetic tape was .97. They typically have a 40% coupon that you can print online so that makes it even cheaper!

I'd love to know if your kiddos have a chore chart and what made you decide to do so!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Elf on the Shelf days 3-7

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I decided instead of doing a daily post on what Pickles is up to, I'd do a weekly post instead. =)

Day 3: 
Ya know, just chillin' in a lunchbox enjoying a cone of marshmallows... because who doesn't love marshmallows?!

Day 4: Riding the family's 2012 ornament. Forget planes and sleds when you can ride a blue glittery bird!

Day 5: Just checking to make sure the stockings are nice and sturdy and ready for some goodies.

Day 6: Hanging out on the light to have a birds eye view.

Day 7: Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. Pickles needs his chocolate fix!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Day 2

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Yesterday we had a bit of whining that was reported to the big guy so when the kids went to bed they were hoping Pickles wouldn't bring back sad news.

The kids woke up this morning, ran downstairs and found Pickle perched atop our statue elephants on the book case along with a note.

At exactly 7:05 the phone started ringing.. and guess who it was from?!


If you go here to this website:
you have exactly 2 hours left to schedule a free phone call, so hurry and do it! They give you the number it'll be calling from so I added it to my phone under "Santa", added a picture and a chiming ringtone and that was it.

For the record I've never seen either of my children smile so hard before. It was totally worth it!

*Sorry in advance for the not so great pictures, I'm taking these photos at around 11:30 pm so it's nothing but "ambient lighting" round here. haha*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Day 1

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I'm sure by now all of you are familiar with the elf on the shelf right? If not you can go to Elf on the Shelf and get the scoop but if you don't want to be bothered with clicking the link it's basically a magical elf sent by Santa to spy on your kids. =)  Sometimes the elves can get bored and be a little naughty. Do a quick Pinterest or Google search and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

Now with that said, I've never once lied to my children and told them that Santa was real. In fact, I've told them the complete opposite. One being I never wanted to be bothered and two being I don't really like some strange man taking credit for my awesome gifts... hahaha. Every Christmas we've reminded them that Santa was not real but now that A has reached the ripe old age of 5, she knows better than we do and has declared Santa absolutely real.

So naturally, what would any really awesomely good parent do? Milk every single minute of it of course. haha

If they're going to believe in Santa then hot dog we're going to go all out for it! Let's be honest now for a moment. The elf and the book are $30 and I'm not ever inclined to buy a small stuffy for that price unless it makes my breakfast in the morning. A quick trip to Michael's and Hobby Lobby geared with coupons and I was back home with $5 worth of supplies and got to working on our lil ol elf. 

I put him in a box with a note to the kids stating all the rules along with 2 grow an elf things from Michael's and 2 Santa suckers. Last night he was dropped off while the kids were changing for bed. Someone rang the door and I told A that it was her cousin so she could answer the door. When she opened the door all the kids saw was the box.

They named him Pickle, so fitting right?

Last night when the kids went to bed Pickles was able to report that the kids put their things away and went to bed without arguing with each other. SUCCESS!!

Apparently Pickles got a little bored last night because he decided to play A's DS... unfortunately he got so into it he played it until the batteries died and didn't even bother to plug it back up! 

Stay tuned for more "Elf Takes" to see what Pickles is up to on his nightly adventures! 

Quick school style

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Some weeks I style A's hair before school and other weeks I'll style it on Sundays. This past week was busy and I didn't have time to style it for the week nor did I feel like doing it every morning. On Monday after we washed her hair, I quickly detangled it, split it into 4 sections and then braided each in 2 braids. This style last all week and looked great. For an added bonus, I was able to turn this style into pig tails with a braid out for the short Thanksgiving school week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Perry Made

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If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE to craft. If you've ever been shopping with me you've probably seen me pondering something and wondering if I could make it myself. Wouldn't it just be easier to buy it? Well, yes, of course it would but that'd take the fun out of it! Because of my love of creating I've decided to open a shop up selling my hand made goodies, so I'd like to invite you all to come visit me over at Perry Made. I'm adding new items constantly so be sure to check back often.

In the spirit of the season I'm offering a few sweet deals!

-All dress purchases come with a free matching bow.
-Buy 2 bows get 1 free (under $5)
-Buy 6+ items and receive 25% off using code BF25OFF (valid on Nov 23- Nov 26)

Perry Made

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